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Our Data

We aspire to turn data into consistent and meaningful information.

An Assortment of Sources

MyDigitalys doesn't limit itself to a single resource for data collection. We have access to a wide variety of channels enabling us to make the most out of the digital world. MyDigitalys has under its belt servers gathering, refining and processing billions of data in order to transform them into significant and perceptive information.

Mydigitalys' data is based on 4 main resources. First, it covers the largest digital panel with over 100 million monitored devices. Secondly, the strategy behind our tool is based in creating a concrete and a precise map of the digital globe through our web crawlers that scrutinize every public website. Furthermore, we count a zillion of computation sources from websites within our connection circle; a source of data that contributes in the adjustment of our algorithms and in providing accurate metrics to help websites increase their visibility and to gain more market share. Last but not least, a data source of a dozen of loyal API partners that we request in daily basis in several countries through which our knowledge is relentlessly enhanced.

Structured Data

We provide the most reliable and concrete marketing insight by organizing and processing mass data.

We have a large panel with over 84 millions of keywords organized by categories, 40 business sectors, 4 millions of products, 21.000 brands, 3.4 billion of business pages, etc.
Besides, we count dozens of exclusive and sophisticated servers that analyze thousands of terabytes of data every week and structures hundreds of new business pages and keywords every second.

Data Analysis

The voluminous collected data is thereafter turned into consistent information.

We redefined the way we work in digital and invested in Research & Development to provide reliable insight. We own internal algorithms that map the data into precise estimates by focusing on important information and filtering out other non-useful characteristics. The data coming from our main sources is smartly fragmented and normalized so that appropriate conclusions and inferences can be drawn.

Data output acuity

MyDigitalys is a very useful measurement tool that furnishes insight to build a custom strategy to reach your business objectives.

In this era, we are leading and shaping the industry with a data approach mixing both market and client views to find the insight required to make the right decision and to take advantage on your competitors. In other words, from audience creation to conversion inconcrete business, we work closely with our clients to accomplish our common goal, which is your business success by applying the right strategy at the right time.

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